Associate Degree Programs


Course Class Credit Hours
102- 122 Bible Doctrine I 6
109- 129 Bible Survey- OT 4
106- 126 English Grammar I 4
108- 208 Evangelism 4
114- 134 The Life of Christ 6
115- 135 The Study of Cults 6
214- 224 Bible Doctrine II 6
209- 229 Bible Survey- NT 6
216- 226 English Grammar II 4
212- 232 Public Speaking 4
218- 238 Minor Prophet Study 6
219- 239 Dispensations Truths 6
Total Credit Hours 62



Course Class Credit Hours
106- 126 English Grammar I 4
109- 129 Bible Survey- OT 4
112- 122 Public Speaking I 4
116- 126 Audio/Visual Education 4
117- 127 Children’s Worship Study 4
207- 227 English Composition 6
203- 223 Stories and Illustrations 4
202- 222 Primary Worship in Church 4
Total Credit Hours 34



102- 122       Bible Doctrine I

            A study of Biblical Doctrines of Jesus Christ, salvation, sin, man, the Scriptures.

106- 126       English Grammar I

            This course is to give the student training in the correct use of words, pronunciations, enunciation, and diction. It seeks to train the student in all phases of right procedures in different types of social and religious affairs.

108- 208       Evangelism

            A study of what Christian education is and its philosophical and historical background. It is also a look at Christian Education’s origin, growth, and the people who contributed to making it what it is today.

109- 129       Bible Survey- OT

            A survey of the books of the Old Testament, giving special attention to the Authorship, Dates, Major Themes, and Historical background of each book.

112- 122       Public Speaking I

            This course is designed to introduce students to the basic fundamentals of speaking before an audience.

114 – 134      The Life of Christ

            A study in the preparation for the Gospel and the Jewish world of Christ’s day.

115- 135       Cult Religions

            A survey of various cult religions both in past history as well as present day.

116- 126       Audio/ Visual Education

            An exploration of the characteristics of a variety of communication forms and the ways in which audio/ visual equipment may be used in evangelism and in teaching programs.

117- 127       Children’s Worship Survey

            A study of the need for children’s ministries within the church. This course is designed to prepare students who will be setting up or maintaining children’s ministry within the church.

202- 222       Primary Worship in Church

            A class designed to help a student learn the aspects of planning worship services.

203- 223       Stories and Illustrations

            Class is designed to promote the effective use of stories and illustrations in teaching or in preaching God’s Word.

207- 227       English Composition

            An in-depth study of effective styles of writing which include paragraphing and proper use of the English language.

209- 229       New Testament Survey

            Class provides an overview of the New Testament books from Mathew through Revelation, woven around the central theme of the person of Christ.

212- 232       Public Speaking II

            A continuation of Public Speaking I, with a more in-depth study on practical applications.

214- 224       Bible Doctrine II

            A study of the doctrines of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, atonement and the Church.

216- 226       English Grammar II

            This course gives the student training in the correct use of words, pronunciation, and writing skills. It seeks to train the student in all phases of the right procedures.

218- 238       Minor Prophet Study

            A Biblical theological study of the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament. Special consideration is given to the socioeconomic background and theme of each book.

219- 239       Dispensations Truths

            An introductory study of the seven dispensations; Innocence, Human Government, Conscience, Patriarch Law, Grace, and Kingdom.