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Associate Degree in Theology, Associate Degree of Religious Education

Political Science

Bachelor Degree in Theology, Bachelor of Religious Education

Political Science

Master of Ministry, Master of Theology, Master of Religious Education

Political Science

Doctor of Theology, Doctor of Religious Education

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Manna Bible College of Theology is an educational institution that strives for Biblical and Theological excellence; academically and spiritually. Manna faculty is dedicated to the principle that our students are a gift from God and after degree has been obtained, become a gift to humanity. Manna programs are offered online and on-site for your convenience. We have purposely abbreviated our requirement and post-graduate degree in an effort to hold the tuition to a minimum and allow the busy Pastor time to complete his/her desired area of study.

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Testimonials from students

Manna provided the flexibility for me to obtain my Bachelor's Degree in Theology. The staff were so helpful and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this school!

Mary Mathews | Business Management

Manna Bible College of Theology allowed me to continue on my spiritual journey. Enjoyed it.

Joe Foster | Business Management