Master Degree Programs


Course Class Credit Hours
501- 521 The Philosophy of Religion 6
502- 522 Pastoral Counseling 6
503- 523 Comparative Religion 6
504- 542 The Spirit World 6
505- 525 Eschatology 6
506- 526 Christian Counseling 6
507- 527 The Book of Acts 6
508- 528 Church Administration 6
509- 529 Parliamentary Procedure 6
510- 530 Practicum 6
Dissertation/ Research 0
Total Credit Hours 60



Course Class Credit Hours
511- 531 English Composition 6
512- 532 Church Administration 6
513- 533 Life and Times of Jesus 6
514- 534 Major Prophets 6
515- 535 Exegesis of Genesis 6
516- 536 Expository Preaching 6
517- 537 Church History Advance 6
518- 538 American Church Laws 6
505- 525 Eschatology 6
507-527 The Book of Acts 6
Dissertation/ Research 0
Total Credit Hours 60



Course Class Credit Hours
519- 539 Old Testament Study 6
520- 540 New Testament Study 6
521 Origin of Doctrines 3
522 The Life of Christ 3
523 Advanced Church History 3
524 Child Evangelism 3
525 Advanced Public Speaking 3
526 Comparative Education 3
601- 621 Bible Doctrine III 6
601- 622 The New Testament Church 6
603 Theology 3
604- 624 Educational Research 6
606 History of American Education 3
607- 627 Educational Psychology 6
Dissertation/ Research 0
Total Credit Hours 60



501- 521       The Philosophy of Religion

            Class studies the various aspects of the religious experiences as examined from a philosophical perspective.

502- 522       Pastoral Counseling

            This course includes the study of the principles of Pastoral counseling, discovering approach, method, and dynamical psychological understanding.

503- 523       Comparative Religion

            An in-depth study and research in some of the major religious groups both ancient and modern.

504- 542       The Spirit World

            This study is of God and His dealing with the spirit world with a view of its operation and influence on human activities.

505- 525       Eschatology

            This course deals with both individual and cosmic eschatology. Such matters as the Second Coming of Christ, Judgement, and Millennial problems will be discussed.

506- 526       Christian Counseling

            Theory and discipline of counseling will be discusses. Studies will include listening, responding, establishing rapport all as they pertain to helping individuals, couples, families, and groups.

507- 527       The Book of Acts

            A careful and complete study of this book which emphasizes the mission and methods of the Church.

508- 528       Church Administration

            This course provides an analysis of strategies, goals, challenges and perplexing methodologies that the institutional church has to face.

509- 529       Parliamentary Procedure

            This course walks you through parliamentary procedure to help streamline the process of church business meetings.

510- 530       Practicum

511- 531       English Composition

            An in-depth study of effective styles of writing which include paragraphing and proper use of the English language.

512- 532       Church Administration II

            This course provides an advanced analysis of strategies, goals, challenges and perplexing methodologies that the institutional church has to face.

513- 533       Life and Times of Jesus Christ

            A study in the preparation for the Gospel and the Jewish world of Christs day.

514- 534       Major Prophets

A Biblical theological study of the Major Prophets of the New Testament.

515- 535       Exegesis of Genesis

            A study of the date, authorship, the material, the six day creation and a study of God’s dealing with the affairs of the human race to include the progressive development of the plan of redemption.

516- 536       Expository Preaching

            Special attention is given in this class to the art of explaining the text in the Word of God. Also, attention is given to the exegetical, structural, contextual, and cross reference data.

517- 537       Church History Advance

            This class will go into greater detail on the history of Church from the Reformation to the present. Lutheran Reformation, and the Roman Catholic counter reformation.

518- 538       American Church Laws

            A study of the Federal and Local laws as they relate to the Church and clergy. Study will include Federal tax laws, tax exemptions both local and Federal.

519- 539       Old Testament Study

            This advanced study will dig into the texts regarding the Canon, and the functions, dates, and authorship of each book.

520- 540       New Testament Study

            This is an advanced study on the overall theme of the New Testament and the synoptic problem.

521     Origin of Doctrines

            Class will include a study of the idea doctrine, the development of Church doctrine and the various doctrinal beliefs and conflict.

522     The Life of Christ

523     Advanced Church History

524     Child Evangelism

525     Advanced Public Speaking

601- 621       Bible Doctrine III

601- 622       The New Testament Church

603     Theology

            An advanced study on Biblical principles and their proper application in today’s church.

604- 624       Educational Research

            This course explores the history and principles of Western and American education. It surveys the programs and functions of all levels of education from pre-school through higher education. Included in this course is the study of various philosophies of education and their relationship to the Christian worldview.

606     History of American Education

            Course will look at trends in education since the First World War. Included will be studies on the influence of war, technology, sociological and religious factors.

607- 627       Educational Psychology

608- 628       Advanced Counseling Techniques

            A survey of the various counseling techniques and therapeutic interventions which may be used based upon a clinical assessment of a specific individual and family problems.

609- 629       Christianity and Human Sexuality

            A study of the God-given gift of human sexuality. This course includes information concerning the normal sexual response patterns of both men and women. Topics covered in this course will also include the common types of sexual dysfunction and the causes of such dysfunctions. Treatment techniques that have proven successful or effective will also be discussed.

610- 630       Family Systems

            An overview of both Christian and secular perspectives in family theory and relationships. Course readings and assignments emphasize systematic techniques of assessment and intervention with coupled and families.

611- 631       Marriage and Family Counseling

            Course is a Bible-centered study of courtship marriage, and the family with emphasis on various models for premarital, marital, and family counseling. Scriptural paradigms for all these areas are heavily integrated in the class work.

612- 632       Biblical Psychology

            A study of human behavior through the lens of Scripture by first analyzing the basic components of man. The student required to form Biblical doctrine of psychology using Scriptural principles. Also included is a study of negative behavior traits using case studies from Scripture. The various models of Christian psychology are surveyed to see how they compare with the Biblical Model.